Rain on 30


Hello, I am glad you found your way to me. I’m Mike, the passionate indie game developer behind „Rain on 30“.

January 2019 I started to look into game development. January 2020 I decided to create a game from start to finish with everything! And now in the first quarter of 2022 I release my first game on Steam.

As the hero in Map of Materials, you’ll embark alone on a journey to discover your past and escape from the dark secret of a long-abandoned land.

Armed with a sword and a bow, you’ll confront a threatening shadow that will try to stop you.

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Map of Materials is a short old-school RPG with some survival and crafting elements. The game has a simple, open story.



Explore an open world from a third person view.

Game world

caves, ruins, tombs, various biomes.


In order to survive, you’ll need to ration your food.


With sword, bow and a little magic you’ll fight dangerous creatures.


During the game you can improve your weapons.


Create items to help you survive.


Find hidden items that improve your skills.


These guide you through the game as you explore a beautiful world.


Beautiful soundtracks will accompany you on your dangerous journey.


Are you ready to dive into the world of „Map Of Materials“ ?